How To Interpret Your Dogs Growls #3

Gresham Animal Hospital_How To Interpret Your Dogs Growls #3
As much as we might wish it, dogs can’t talk like you or I. They have to use barks and growls to communicate with us and other dogs. But what do they mean? Here is how to identify a few different types of growls and what they mean.

Growling for Medical Reasons
If your dog suddenly starts to growl when he is approached or touched, it may be a sign that he is in pain. Dogs with arthritis, abscessed teeth or other forms of illness or injury may experience increased pain when they are moved or touched and may growl to avoid it. A pet in pain is also more likely to bite than a healthy pet.
Pregnant or lactating dogs, or dogs in false pregnancy, are more likely to be protective and defensive with people and other animals, and are also more likely to growl at approaching humans. If you think your dog is growling for medical reasons, talk to your veterinarian.

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