How Temperature Changes Can Affect Your Pet Birds

Gresham Animal Hospital_How Temperature Changes Can Affect Your Pet Birds

How Hot is Too Hot?

The formula for comfort in the midst of a heat wave is identical for pet birds and their people: lots of cool drinking water, good air circulation, and plenty of shade. There are many domesticated bird breeds that thrive in balmy weather (to a point, that is), but in general, captive birds do not tolerate sharp increases in heat well.  Knowing how temperature fluctuation, particularly those associated with heat waves, affects your winged companions is crucial to providing them with the best care.

Signs of Heat Distress

Like most animals, birds are adaptable, and when allowed to adjust over a number of days to moderate climate changes, they typically respond positively. When dramatic temperature changes occur, some warning signs to look for include: stressed behavior, open mouth breathing that resembles panting, and holding their wings away from their body.

Keeping Your Bird Cool

Accommodate your overheated birds by misting them lightly with cool water before wetting their legs and feet with cool water as well. When your bird is properly wet, lightly wrap them in a dry towel to prevent a chill and place them in a cool area of your home. Watch them for any signs of shock, and consult your avian professionals at Gresham Animal Hospital on how to proceed.
Our feathered friends can respond much the same way we do when dealing with the brutal peak of a heat wave, but with foresight (keeping birdy’s cage out of direct sunlight, double checking for proper air circulation before leaving the house, and keeping your bird’s health a priority) and loving care you can ensure a comfortable summer for your avian companions.
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