How Owning A Dog Has Health Benefits: #3

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We are continuing our series on How Owning A Dog Has Health Benefits.
Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason. There is something special about the bond between us and our dogs. Did you know that dogs can actually benefit our health? From socialization and keeping active and our physical health dogs are great! Dogs can actually help reduce the risk for allergies and some skin conditions. Learn more about how dogs can be beneficial to our health.

Reduced risk of eczema and skin conditions
There is sometimes concern that having a pet around an infant can cause a skin allergy such as eczema or allergy reactions. In fact, preliminary research showed that young children were significantly less likely to develop eczema at an early age if they began mingling with dogs at infancy. The Journal of Pediatrics published a study in 2011 that followed 636 children and found the rate of eczema was lower among kids who lived with a family dog. In fact, even for kids sensitive to dog allergens, having a dog did not increase their risk of developing eczema. Children tested had higher levels of some immune system chemicals, a sign of stronger immune system activation. Further, if a dog lived in a home, infants were less likely to show pet allergies –19% vs. 33%
Even types of cats and dogs considered ‘hypoallergenic breeds’ still produce certain allergens that more sensitive people can react to. According to Widmer, “The proprietary formulation of The Pet Spa Hypoallergenic Pet Shampoo and Conditioner is 100% biodegradable and rich in vitamins and antioxidants, there are no toxic chemicals that dry out the pet’s skin and coat as found in commercial pet products. We developed our natural oatmeal pet shampoo and conditioner with natural ingredients so there are no worries of allergic reactions or harmful ingredients that could hurt our furry friends, and to provide pet parents with pre-disposed skin conditions the joys of having a loyal companion while keeping their allergic reactions to a minimum.”

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