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How Dogs Share Their Sense Of Humor With Us: #9

Gresham Animal Hospital_How_Dogs_Share_Their_Sense_Of_Humor_9
We love our furry best friends, and they all have a personality of their own. They also each have their own sense of humor! Dogs show off their sense of humor in a bunch of different ways. One thing that dogs are known for is when they sometimes dance around!

9 Yes, Dogs Also Dance.

Joy, amusement, delight, glee and merriment all inspire some dogs to stand up on their back legs and shake their booties. It’s not like they line dance or paso doble, but they throw their front paws up, bounce about on their back ones, and do an occasional shimmy. Small dogs, especially the wiry ones, seem to be the most dance prone, and when their people get a kick out of it, they usually light up, grin and put more energy into it. There’s nothing like the exchange of humor between man and beast when the Basenji boogies.

Technically, Psychology Today is accurate in saying that dogs don’t dance because editorially they use this definition of dancing: “bodies in synchrony with an external musical beat”. They do go on to say though that some birds may be able to dance; early investigation indicates that these are birds that can also learn to talk. So, maybe, when the dog was talking, telling the baby funny jokes, it was also teaching it how to dance, and its ability to do so is so elevated that music isn’t required, just joy and laughter.

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