Gresham Animal Hospital_How_Dogs_Share_Their_Sense_Of_Humor_5

How Dogs Share Their Sense Of Humor With Us: #5

Gresham Animal Hospital_How_Dogs_Share_Their_Sense_Of_Humor_5
We love our furry best friends, and they all have a personality of their own. They also each have their own sense of humor! Dogs show off their sense of humor in a bunch of different ways. One thing that dogs are known for is when they constantly stick their noses wherever they want to!

5 Dogs ALWAYS Intrude.

While unsightly butt-sniffing rituals are widely accepted at the dog park among, well, dogs… They aren’t usually well received when they cross from the Canis species to Homo sapiens. People typically assume that being poked in the privates by dog nose is either a check-out or scent-judgment move. Sometimes they are right, but often the dog likes the person, and thinks giving him or her a dog-society-friendly jab fore or aft is sort of a “hah, I punked you” move. Cold wet nose on bare skin activities when people share their bed with their dog(s) comes from the same motivation.

Suffice to say that there hasn’t been a great deal of scientific study of dog nose inappropriately invading, meddling with, insinuating into, pushing in, or otherwise pestering privates–that would be subject to duck genital study scandal scrutiny. However, The Daily Puppy reports that nose jabs are a dog’s way of getting their person’s attention, and if they are a bit alarming, comedy ensues, hence the naughty nudging Newfoundland.

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