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How Dogs Share Their Sense Of Humor With Us: #4

Gresham Animal Hospital_How_Dogs_Share_Their_Sense_Of_Humor_4
We love our furry best friends, and they all have a personality of their own. They also each have their own sense of humor! Dogs show off their sense of humor in a bunch of different ways. One thing that dogs are known for when they are happy is rolling around when they are playing!

4 Dogs Play and Frolic.

When something big and noble like a Great Dane or Scottish Dearhound bounds, smiling and laughing, towards a person or another dog, bows, throws itself onto its back and scootches the grass beneath it, it is doing the human equivalent of rolling in the isles with delight. Adult dogs have what almost appears to be a puppy trigger when they are really tickled; they become bow wowed with buffoonery and give in to unfettered puppyish shenanigans.

Whether mutt or Westminster Dog Show variety, the UWSP report states that when a dog plays dead so as not to get kicked off the sofa, or weighs a fifth of that of its owner but still pushes said best friend off the bed at night, these are games and the dog thinks they are funny. Furthermore, play, whether frolicsome or dead weight, demonstrates a state of well being that is reportedly required from Maltese to Mastiff for the merriment of play to commence.

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