Gresham Animal Hospital_How_Dogs_Share_Their_Sense_Of_Humor_10

How Dogs Share Their Sense Of Humor With Us: #10

Gresham Animal Hospital_How_Dogs_Share_Their_Sense_Of_Humor_10
We love our furry best friends, and they all have a personality of their own. They also each have their own sense of humor! Dogs show off their sense of humor in a bunch of different ways. One thing our furry BFFs are definitely known for is making us laugh!

10. Dogs Make Their Hoomans Laugh.

Everything that dogs do to indulge their humor and happiness is humorous to humans. Well, almost everything… The hiding and stealing can be wearisome at times. Beyond that, however, dogs do make their humans embrace humor. K-9s, whether purebreds or mongrels, are extremely sensitive to the emotions of the people they love. When their human is sad or angry, most dogs will do something to try and add humor and cheer to the situation.

National Public Radio published information from a series of studies showing that dogs process emotion the same way people do and that they read emotion in human voices. There’s a place in the back of their brain and ours, near the ears, that tells us the feelings connected with tone of voice. Our best friends want to change our tone to happy from sad. It’s a big responsibility for a dog to be its person’s chief morale officer. That may be why adventurer and writer Edward Abbey said: “When a man’s best friend is his dog, that dog has a problem.”

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