How Do I Keep My Dogs Cool in Hot Weather?

Gresham Animal Hospital_How DO I Keep My Dogs Cool in Hot Weather
When dogs get hot they can’t cool themselves down like humans do. Human sweat to cool down; dogs have a very small set of sweat glands (mostly in their paws). In fact, instead of cooling down, the way they regulate temperature is to get rid of heat by panting.  This creates excessive drool and loss of hydration. This is why the key to keeping your dog cool is hydration.


Dark coats absorb more heat than lighter coats. Your heavier dogs are also at greater risk. And finally, you want to take greater care for those that are further along in age.


There are several clues that your dog is getting dehydrated. First the dog seems to act tired or lethargic, you might see bloodshot eyes. You can also dry lifting their skin and see if it takes longer to fall back in place.


Carry an extra water bottle just for your dog.  If you have doggie backpacks you can let the dog carry the cold ice water bottles to help keep it cool. You can also get a kiddie pool for your dog.  This way they can cool themselves off as needed and sneak a drink or two.
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