How Do Cats Keep Cool In Hot Weather?

How Do Cats Keep Cool in Hot Weather


Cats are so independent, compared to dogs anyway, so how do they moderate their temperature during these hotter summer months and what can we do to help them?
First it might be interesting to know how humans and dogs cool down. Humans sweat and the evaporation cools off the surface of the skin. Dogs pant and this transports heat from inside to the outside of the body.  Cats don’t have these features. So how do they cool off?

Freeze, Don’t Move

Cats have the leisure thing down, especially in hot weather.  They instinctively know that exertion creates higher body temperatures and to keep it mellow until the temperature cools down.

Under Where?

Cats will love the spaces under furniture like the bed. The space is usually protected from the sun and the cool air actually circulates down there keeping kitty comfortable.

Cool Grooming

Cats will groom themselves more when they want to cool down. Their fur is especially good at thermal regulating when moist. In fact, you can help this process by petting your cat with a damp cloth. Make sure it is not dripping wet; it only needs to be a little damp.
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