Homemade Toys: Yarn Ball Catnip Toy

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This creative project brings together two things your cat probably loves: Catnip and yarn. The result is a yarn ball catnip toy that will keep your cat bouncing around the house. Make a few for your self or extras to give to other cat-owners you know.

What You’ll Need

– golf ball size and larger styrofoam balls

– hot glue gun (helpful but not totally necessary)

– mod podge glue

– dried catnip

– yarn in various colors and thicknesses

– a disposable paintbrush (we’ll be dipping the brush in glue, so no need for your fancy brush)

– craft paper


Place catnip in a medium shallow bowl.  Place Mod Podge in a small bowl.  For easy clean up, work on top of a large sheet of craft paper.

Using the paintbrush, lightly brush a styrofoam ball with Mod Podge glue.  Place the glue covered ball in the bowl of catnip and toss around, coating evenly.  Set aside to dry while you glue and catnip the remaining balls.

Use a bit of hot glue to adhere the initial yarn pieces to the catnip covered ball.  Wrap for several turns in one direction, then wrap in an alternating direction.  You can cut the yarn and start fresh in a new direction to make sure to cover all sides.  The initial yarn covering doesn’t have to be perfect.  the second round of yarn covering can be more directionally intentional.

When ball is completely covered and layered twice in yarn, tuck the end piece into the yarn ball (and tie into a knot if you’d like) to adhere.  Toss around the house.  It’s kitty playtime!

Note:  keep an eye on your cat when they play with these yarn balls.  Cats shouldn’t swallow string.  Actually, no one should swallow string. 

Looking for other cat-related info? We have a list of care care essentials here.

SRC: For the full post on this project visit this site: joythebaker.com/2013/03/yarn-ball-catnip-toys/

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