Homemade Gifts For Our Dogs: Water bottle Toy

Gresham Animal Hospital_Waterbottletoy

Crinkly, soft, chew-able fun for your pet, this water bottle toy will be a favorite.  All you need for this toy is a empty plastic bottle, a yard of fabric (a bed sheet would work), and a pair of scissors.

1. Select a plastic bottle to use as your new dog toy. Then cut three to four 1″ wide strips of fabric off one of the edges of your fabric. These will be used later as ties, a piece of ribbon would also work for this purpose.

2. Using your remaining fabric place the bottom of the bottle about 3″ from the edge and wind the fabric around the bottle. Wrap it up just like you would a hoagie in paper – tucking in the excess just before you reach the end of the fabric.

3. Using the 1″ wide strips of fabric you previously cut, tie them around the bottle tightly – using them to secure the fabric to the bottle. Make sure to tie one right after the bottle cap as well.

4. Cut the excess fabric near the cap of the bottle into 2″ wide strips. Then using three strips at a time, braid each section and finish off by knotting them.

SRC: This toy goes along with our Pet Tip #9. Read all of our dog care tips here.

SRC: Find set-by-set photos here: www.ammothedachshund.com/2011/10/06/birthday-week-diy-dog-toys/

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