Homemade Gifts For Our Dogs: Cereal Box Treat

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An easy gift to give your dog: A Cereal Box Treat. There will be a lot of fun (and mess) around this toy, but at the end of the day sweeping up some card board scraps is probably worth our dogs having some fun.

Rover Recycles: take an empty cardboard box. Cereal boxes and egg cartons work well for this. Put a few treats inside, then tape the box closed with masking tape. You can also put food-stuffed Kongs in the box before you tape it up. Give the sealed box to your dog and watch him tear it open with gusto to get at the treats. When he’s finished, your box is already shredded/broken down and will take up a lot less room in your recycling container.

This toy goes along with our Pet Tip #9. Read all of our dog care tips here.

SRC: Find out do-it-yourself dog toys here: www.ohbehave-dogtraining.com/do-it-yourself-dog-toys

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