Helping Your Dog Adjust To Shorter Days

Gresham Animal Hospital_Helping Your Dog Adjust To Shorter Days
These days, many pet owners are leaving before dawn and returning home long after dusk. Managing the shorter days and the dearth of sunlight can be difficult for us humans, but it can be especially rough on our pet companions. Here are a few tips to keep your dogs (and to some extent, cats) healthy and well adjusted.

Go For A Walk

Invest in a reflective collar and find a comfortable route for early morning and evening walks. A vigorous walk once a day is great for you and your pets mental health which is especially tender during cold, dark winter months.

More Calories

If your dog is a healthy weight, gradually introduce more fat into your dog’s diet.  Cold weather requires more calories to maintain body temperature Help their body adjust to winter weather and keep them warm by boosting their caloric intake.

Brush More Often

Brush your pets out more often when the weather turns chilly. As our long-hair pets adjust to lower temperatures their hair can become stiff and matted a lot quicker than it would in the short-haircut days of summer.

Face the Sun

Raising your pet’s bed off of the floor will keep them warmer, facing their bed toward south-facing windows will also give them the full benefit of the occasional sunny day.
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