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Have Your Pets Had Their Annual Check-Up? 

Dog Microchip

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Gresham locals, do you have a fluffy, four-legged family member you want to make sure stays happy and healthy? Then be sure to visit Gresham Animal Hospital for all your veterinary care needs. We’re proud to offer top-notch veterinary services to the pet lovers of Gresham. When you visit Gresham Animal Hospital, you can rest easy knowing that your pet is in good hands. 

Remember – Don’t Feed Your Pet Scraps From Your Dinner! 

Thanksgiving Day is coming up soon, which for many Gresham locals will mean enjoying a big meal with loved ones. The Gresham Animal Hospital team, however, would like to remind Gresham locals not to feed their pets scraps from the table. Of course, your pet shouldn’t have scraps any other day, either, but we know it can be especially tempting to give them a treat during Thanksgiving. 

Many human foods are outright toxic to our pets, and others can make them sick, even if it’s not fatally sick. If you want to give your pets a special treat on the holiday, choose pet-specific treats instead! 

Has Your Pet Had Their Yearly Check-Up? 

We’d also like to remind Gresham locals to bring their pets in for their annual check-ups. As we approach the end of the year, it’s a good time to make sure you’ve checked off your seasonal and yearly tasks. Adult cats and dogs (aged 1-10 years, depending on the breed) should see a vet once a year for a full head-to-tail check-up! This allows your vet to check for any developing health issues and also issue booster shots for certain diseases, such as distemper-parvo and rabies. 

Is your pet a little bit older? Senior pets, aged 7-10 years and up, should see a vet more often. If you have a senior cat or dog, take them in to see the vet twice yearly instead of just once a year. 

Rely On Gresham Animal Hospital For Top-Notch Veterinary Care 

Gresham Animal Hospital is equipped to provide the service and treatment your pet needs under one roof. Keep Gresham Animal Hospital in mind next time your dog or cat needs a checkup, shots, or vaccines. Give us a call at 503.666.1600 to schedule an appointment today.