Grooming Tips For Your Pet In Fall: #4

The transition to colder weather can be rough on dogs. You may need to take some extra steps in their grooming routine to make sure they stay happy and healthy this fall. Here are a few tips to help.

Healthy Skin and Fur
During the cooler months, pet parents often stray away from a regular bath schedule. Many times it’s up to groomers to repair lackluster coats and dry, flaking skin.
Today’s state-of-the-art shampoos and conditioners do a great job loosening and cleaning dirt while also leaving necessary oils. Pro tip: don’t  “scrub” the coat. Scrubbing breaks down the hair shaft, which only damages the dog’s coat further and creates even dryer skin. Instead, lightly massage shampoos in and allow the product to dissolve dirt.
“The massage technique is sure to be a hit with your furry clients,” Otto said. “Plus, your hands will be thanking you for using this less muscle-intensive technique.”

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