Grooming Tips For Your Pet In Fall: #1

The transition to colder weather can be rough on dogs. You may need to take some extra steps in their grooming routine to make sure they stay happy and healthy this fall. Here are a few tips to help.

Nailing the Nails
When the temperature starts to drop, grooming goes beyond coat care. That starts at the paws. Dog owners commonly wait too long between nail clippings. Overgrown nails can contribute to major health issues including sore feet, legs and hips and overall discomfort.
When the temperature drops, dogs spend more time indoors, meaning their paws encounter less friction, causing nails to be longer. Since dogs may go weeks or even months between grooming appointments, groomers must always clip excess nails. The key to nail clipping is learning what is considered “excess.”
“Dogs with black nails are the trickiest,” Otto said.  “To spot the quick on black nails, look for the dark spot in the center of the nail.”
Having a hard time finding black nail quicks? You’re not alone. Otto suggests that black nails should be done in several smaller clips instead of one large clip (like you would do with clear nails).

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