Grooming Tips For Your Feline Friend #3

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We are continuing our series of grooming tips for your cats.
Cats and their aloof nature give off the feeling they don’t need our help at all. The reality is they do need to be taken care of and one of the most important things they need is proper grooming care. Here are a few tips for getting your cat used to the necessary grooming habits they need to be healthy. The third one is making sure to keep the sessions short when you first start.

3. Keep sessions short at first

It should be obvious that you don’t want to throw your cat into an hours-long grooming session right out of the gate, but it may be tempting to do so if you already have your cat in a good, relaxed state and there’s work to be done. Resist. A cat who has decided to tolerate your grooming may appear relaxed, but after awhile may grow stressed. If it feels pinned down, the cat may not obviously show this stress, so it’s best if you end things early enough for your cat to grow used to the idea being cared for over a longer period of time.
Start with ten, fifteen minutes of brushing at a time. Do nail clipping in a different session that starts with a bit of brushing if your cat enjoys it. Gradually lengthen the sessions as your cat becomes used to them.

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