Grooming Tips For Your Feline Friend #2

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We are continuing our series of grooming tips for your cats.
Cats and their aloof nature give off the feeling they don’t need our help at all. The reality is they do need to be taken care of and one of the most important things they need is proper grooming care. Here are a few tips for getting your cat used to the necessary grooming habits they need to be healthy. The second one is making sure everyone involved is relaxed to help reduce the stress of the event.

2. Ensure everyone is relaxed

When preparing to groom your cat in any way, ensure you have a good block of time to do so at a time when the cat is relaxed, such as just after it has eaten a good meal or after the cat has wound down after an energetic play session. My cats are much more pliable for grooming after I bribe them with a surprise meal of wet food and they are lounging all fat and happy. If your cat is especially adverse to necessary activities such as brushing or nail clipping, you can try a feline hormone dispenser, such as Feliway, hours before. Set it up in a small room where you’ll groom the cat and close the door. Let some time pass for the hormones to spread, then bring the cat in and acclimate it to the room before beginning grooming.
This doesn’t just apply to your cat. If you are stressed, annoyed, or hurried, your cat will know and will be reluctant to participate. Ensure you are in a good place mentally and prepared to be patient before trying to convince your cat anything is a good idea.

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