Grooming Tips For Long Hair Dog Breeds

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Your long-haired pooch requires extra attention — all that fluff must be maintained, not unlike the hair on your own head. Aside from cleaning, it must be trimmed when necessary and often shaved altogether, especially during the warmer months. Long, thick hair can easily become matted, it holds dirt and dust and it can obscure your dog’s eyesight. Making sure your dog’s mane is kept in check is every long-haired dog parent’s responsibility. These tips can help you keep your dog well-coiffed and comfortable.
Find a groomer who specializes in your specific breed of long hair pooch. Selecting a grooming professional who works exclusively with small, medium or large breeds ensures your pup gets their most specific grooming needs met.
Invest in a dog brush to keep Fido’s fur from matting between grooming appointments. Make a routine of gently brushing your dog’s hair out once or twice a week, depending on the length and thickness. This will also help to keep your pooch comfortable and better able to regulate their temperature.
Don’t forget the paws! Long-haired dogs can develop clumps of hair that quickly become viciously matted between their paw pads. This can impair their walking, their ability to cool down, and their overall comfort. Make sure to pay attention to the hair growth between your dog’s paw pads and trim as often as necessary.
Looking for more ways to keep your pup comfortable and active in late summer? Visit Gresham Animal Hospital’s website for more canine care tips.

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