Finding The Best Low Maintenance Pet For Your Teenager

Gresham Animal Hospital_Finding The Best Low Maintenance Pet For Your Teenager
Learning responsibility is a huge part of growing up, and in those in-between years, when hormones are dictating their behavior, sometimes a pet can be uniquely grounding for young teenagers. Choosing the best pet to bring your teen back to earth can be a difficult task, but if successful, your whole family will benefit. Consider the following when matching your teen with a new pet of their own to care for.


First, determine your teen’s specific personality traits, are they quiet and shy or confident and gregarious? Are they socially active or are they more inclined to isolate or only surround themselves with a few close friends? These behaviors are all normal for teens, but pinpointing a few critical traits will help you place your teen with a pet that will complement their lifestyle perfectly.


A puppy can be a lively addition to your family, but they demand a great deal of attention. Similarly, a kitten requires far more attention than a lizard or a guinea pig. Take careful stock of what limitations your teens have on their time. Between homework, social obligations, and family time, many teenagers can find high-maintenance, youthful pets far too time-consuming.


Talk to your teenager and learn what kind of animals they enjoy. A frank discussion about bringing a new pet into the home to be solely the responsibility of your teen will ensure a positive experience for both the new pet and your family.
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