Feeding Your Bird

Gresham Animal Hospital_Bird_food

Our goal is to help you provide the best life possible for your bird. Many aspects of bird care are different from any other pet you have and might be unexpected at first. Here is one suggestion we have from the Humane Society about what you feed your bird:

Did you know that most parrots and birds kept as pets should eat very little seed? It’s fattening and not health-supporting in high quantities. Most birds should be on a diet of a high-quality, organic pellet and a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains. Talk to your avian veterinarian about diet, check out the diet resources from Phoenix Landing (for instance, the “Nourish to Flourish” book and “Feeding our Parrots Well” DVD). 

SRC: Find more pet care tips from the Humane Society here:  www.humanesociety.org/animals/pet_birds/tips/bird_care.html

SRC Photo: www.drsfostersmith.com/images/categoryimages/highdef/CC-30107-FS67824K_015-Bird.jpg

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