Easter Safety Tips For Your Pet #4

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We are continuing our series on Easter Safety Tips For Your Pet.
Easter is just around the corner which means there are going to be a lot more hazards for your pet around your house! All that extra food, chocolate, and decorations can actually be very dangerous if your pet gets a hold of them. Easter grass is incredibly dangerous for your pet, and it is very important to make sure they do not get a hold of it.

Easter Grass
This long, plastic Easter basket filler can be lethal to your cat or dog. The string-like nature of this material causes it to lodge in the small intestines leading to obstruction and sometimes perforation of the intestine. Signs of obstruction include decreased appetite, lethargy and vomiting. If any of these signs are seen, please call your primary veterinarian. They may recommend that your pet have an X-ray or an ultrasound performed. Either avoid this material as a basket filler or if it is used, ensure that all strands are picked up off the floor. A curious cat will easily find it and ingest it.

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