Easter Safety Tips For Your Pet #3

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We are continuing our series on Easter Safety Tips For your pet.
Easter is just around the corner which means there are going to be a lot more hazards for your pet around your house! All that extra food, chocolate, and decorations can actually be very dangerous if your pet gets a hold of them. One of the other dangerous things for your pet are table scraps.

Table Food
Easter is a time to gather family and friends together and because of this food is commonly left on counters or tables that can be accessed by your pet. Foods such as onions, garlic, grapes, raisin and macadamia nuts, are toxic and cause serious illness. Other foods can cause irritation to the stomach and intestines leading to vomiting and diarrhea and some high fat foods can cause pancreatitis. Please ensure your pet cannot access “human foods” and encourage your guests to not feed your pet. If your pet does ingest a food on this list, please contact your family veterinarian for advice.

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