Easter Safety Tips For Your Pet #2

Gresham Animal Hospital_Easter_Safety_Tips_For_Your_Pet_02
Easter is just around the corner which means there are going to be a lot more hazards for your pet around your house! All that extra food, chocolate, and decorations can actually be very dangerous if your pet gets a hold of them. One of the dangerous things for your pet is lilies.

True lilies (with the Latin name starting with Lilium) or daylilies (Hemerocallis) can cause acute kidney failure in cats. BluePearl strongly discourages cat owners from having these plants in the house. All parts of the plant are toxic, including the leaves, petals and pollen. If you suspect your feline family member has been exposed, please call your primary or emergency veterinarian without delay — early treatment can be life-saving. Most BluePearl hospitals are open 24/7, including on Easter Sunday, with veterinarians always on hand.

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SRC: Pet Tips For Safer Easter

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