Does Your Pet Have Heartworms?


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Do You Know If Your Pet Has Heartworms? 

April is National Heartworm Awareness Month, so we’d like to take this opportunity to educate Gresham locals about this common pet disease. Heartworms are a parasite that can be found in many pets but are most typically found in dogs, cats, and ferrets. Heartworm disease is spread to pets through mosquito bites as the mosquito acts as an intermediate host for the parasite. Heartworm disease is serious and can cause heart failure, lung disease, or even death. 

What Are Symptoms Of Heartworm Disease? 

The following are signs that your pet may have heartworms. 

  • Increased breathing rate 
  • Chronic cough 
  • Not wanting to exercise intolerance 
  • A decrease in appetite 
  • Lethargy 
  • Abdominal distension. 
  • Heart murmur 

Early Detection Leads To Better Recovery 

The earlier we can detect heartworms in a pet, the easier recovery will be for that pet.  
Early on, your pet might not show the symptoms mentioned above. However, we can test your pets for heartworms with a small blood sample. If your pet tests positive, we can recommend treatments from that point on. 

How Can I Prevent Heartworms In My Pet? 

Heartworm prevention is easier than you might think. Monthly chewable or topical medications are available. It’s most important to use these medications when mosquitoes are active. You can also avoid bringing your pets outside during the times of day when mosquitoes are most active. Remember, even if your pet is an inside pet they can be vulnerable to heartworms! Mosquitoes can easily get inside and infect your pet. 

Bring Your Pet In For Check-Ups 

During regular check-ups with your pet’s veterinarian, the Gresham Animal Hospital team can test for heartworms as well as other types of diseases. We’re eager to keep your pet happy and healthy by providing top-notch veterinary care in Gresham. 

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