Do Cats Overheat Easily?

Do Cats Overheat Easily
Cats are capable of getting heat stroke (hyperthermia) just like most mammals. Detecting when your cat is overheating is a little tough because, unlike humans who sweat or dogs who pant, cats regulate their temperature mostly by grooming.


Panting: Although cats are not as efficient at panting as dogs, they will do this to remove heat from inside their body. It doesn’t necessarily cool them down. It just transports heat to the outside of the body. If your cat is panting she may be getting too hot.
Rapid Heartbeat:  If kitty is trying to cool down then her body is working overtime and the heart is trying to keep up.
Hyperventilation:  Rapid breathing is another sign your kitty is trying hard to regulate her body.
Dark Red or Grayish Gums:  Gum discoloration is another indicator of overheating. They should be a nice bubble-gum pink.
Lethargy: This is a tough one because cats are so good at relaxing and seeming lazy. Sometimes the easiest time to catch this is when feeding time happens.
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