DIY Hot Weather Treats For Your Pups

Gresham Animal Hospital_DIY Hot Weather Treats For Your Pups
Gresham, collectively, is sweating. The temperatures are rigidly adhering to their mid-90s groove, and it’s bringing out the best and the worst in our pets.
Searing temperatures can mean fun trips to the river or swimming hole for some of our canine companions, but for other pups, it requires a dedication to keeping them ultra-cool. When blasting an A/C day after day isn’t a privilege you possess, you can turn to these easy DIY tricks and treats to keep Fido and Spot relaxed and refreshed.
Soupy Puppysicles — Freeze beef or chicken stock in an ice cube tray and either add it to your pup’s water bowl or let them slurp away at them à la carte. When added to a dog’s water bowl, these are a great way to keep your dog hydrated, so consider your dog’s hydration before you make them a solo treat.
Frozen PB Ring — Mix one part peanut butter with two parts water and freeze in a bundt cake pan. Once frozen, throw that frosty life preserver out in the yard and let Doggo have a snout chilling good gnaw.
Pup-kin Soft Serve — Canned pumpkin is widely advised by vets to aid in your pup’s digestion, so this frosty treat is a double threat. Using a blender, food processor or the strength of your own biceps and a hearty whisk, blend one can of pumpkin puree with a heaping spoonful of peanut butter (adding a handful of chopped cooked bacon or a ribbon of beef stock will add a tempting fragrance to the treat) and chill for a few hours. Using an ice cream scoop or a particularly tenacious regular spoon, serve the treat to your pup in a dish of his own or right atop dry food.
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