Dental X-Rays at Gresham Animal Hospital

Gresham Animal Hospital_teeth_xrays

If you have noticed that your pet is not eating well, or if your pet is tender around his or her mouth, your pet might have a dental issue. At Gresham Animal Hospital we take your pet’s dental health very seriously. To ensure we have all the information we need regarding your pet’s teeth, we take dental x-rays to asses what might be causing your pet pain.

Gresham Animal Hospital offers the best medical technologies possible. This extends to X-rays as well.  This technology is gives much better image quality to see if a tooth is healthy and can be saved. Digital dental and Body X-rays are safer and use less radiation which is safer for your pet (and hospital staff) and zero chemicals for processing which is safer for our planet.
These x-rays become part of your pet’s permanent file and will be referred to again for follow-up care.
If you would like a picture of your pet’s X-ray, just ask.

If you have additional questions about dental care for your pet, call us at 503.666.1600 or contact us here.

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