Dental Care For Your Pets!

Just like you, dogs need to take care of their teeth. Unlike you, they don’t have opposable thumbs to do it! That means they need extra help to keep their oral hygiene up! You can do it yourself or come into Gresham Animal Hospital and let us do it for you.

The Need for Dental Care

Bad ‘dog’ and ‘cat’ breath are not normal. It is often a sign of gum or tooth disease. When was the last time you tried to look at all 42 of your dog’s or all 28 of your cat’s teeth? Yes…they have equal to more teeth than we do. Bad breath is just the tip of the iceberg. The infection present causes pain and hidden damage to the liver and lungs and especially the kidneys in cats.

Pets Need Dental Care, Too

70% of cats and dogs over the age of 3 have dental disease that needs treatment. Let’s catch the disease early before extractions may be needed. When your pet needs a dental procedure, rest assured that they will receive the best care, as with any of our surgical patients. This includes an intravenous catheter and balanced fluids with injectable and inhalant anesthesia; and a warming blanket. We use high-tech dental cleaning equipment specific for pets. If we do find a possible bad tooth, we can get a digital x-ray of it to see if it can be saved. In fact, the digital X-ray technology we use for your pet to check for cavities and loose, infected teeth exceeds the technology used by many regular dentists.

Next time your dog needs a checkup, shots, and vaccines Contact Gresham Animal Hospital at 503.666.1600. Learn more about Dental Care from Gresham Animal Hospital!

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