Cold Weather Care For Elderly Pets

Gresham Animal Hospital_Cold Weather Care For Elderly Pets
Our elderly pets require very specific care. As the weather grows colder, elderly pets can experience issues with mobility caused by aching joints which will require their parents to adjust care to accommodate their needs and soothe their pain. Use these few tips to help your older pet remain comfortable during the chilly winter months ahead.
Find a cozy spot. The areas where your pet naps and their primary sleeping areas should be easily accessible and kept warm and cozy. Arrange a small space heater to keep those spaces toasty throughout the cold days and colder nights. Alternately, you can add a heating pad to their sleeping spots, but make sure to lay a blanket or towel over it before your pet beds down.
If necessary, make a few dietary changes. If your older pet is also overweight, this will put significantly more strain on their already aching winter joints. Make sure that your companion is at optimal weight going into the winter so that weight poses less of a threat once the real cold weather hits.
As fall comes to an end, schedule a visit with your vet. Getting your pet a well-care exam will allow you to identify and potentially medicate any health issues that will be exacerbated by the cold, such as arthritis.
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