Choosing The Right Reptile Pet

Gresham Animal Hospital_Choosing The Right Reptile Pet
Adopting a new reptile into your family is a fun and exciting way to learn about a different animal species. Reptiles can be extremely affectionate companions, with their own personalities and verve. Choosing the right reptile pet for you and your family takes a bit of time and determination, but once you find the right one, you’ve got a friend for life.
There are many reptiles that make fantastic family pets, and many that make great pets for individuals who may not spend a ton of time at home. Essentially, there is a reptile pet for everyone, and finding out which species is right for you will take research.
Lizards have large personalities and are fun to watch and interact with. They are often considered great alternatives to dogs or cats who may trigger allergies. Learning to handle your lizard will take time and effort as well, so consider this reptile pet deliberately.
Snakes are remarkably both low energy and low maintenance, and is a great first pet that requires specific, yet minimal attention. Snakes exist in a myriad of colors and patterns and along with their habitats, can bring an element of vibrancy and excitement to an otherwise prosaic household.
Tortoises and turtles are both engaging and adorable and, as they are similarly low maintenance, are a great alternative to snakes as a pet reptile. Turtles and tortoises have very specific needs despite being relatively easy to care for, so if your gut tells you that a pet turtle is your family’s future, make sure you’ve spoken with a trusted vet to discern what precisely you’ll need to ensure a happy, healthy, life for your turtle.
Before settling on your perfect reptile pet, consult with your family veterinarian. Many states have certain restrictions regarding the ownership of reptiles, and Oregon is no different. Be informed of your state and county laws.

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