Choosing The Right Dog Breed

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Dogs differ so much from animal to animal. The personalities they develop, their unique habits and quirks, all of these things endear them to us absolutely. It’s just as possible to have a tender, loving pit bull as it is to have a Pomeranian with a similar disposition; personalities can develop in any number of ways and may have less to do with breed than with care and upbringing.
That said, there are still many other things to consider when choosing a breed to adopt. Different breeds have different needs, some of them very specific and unique. Knowing which breed will best integrate with you and your family will take dedicated research on your part, but there a few simple things to remember as you select a breed.


Of course, you want to consider what you can offer a pet in the way of living space. Larger dogs need not only space to comfortably relax but ample room to exercise. That doesn’t necessarily mean that your downtown apartment isn’t the right place for a medium or large breed of dog, but be cognizant of the daily exercise needs of a big dog. If your home is nowhere near a park, and daily travel may be an issue, perhaps consider a smaller, lower maintenance breed.


Hypoallergenic dogs like bichon frises or poodles can be a delightful addition to a family where one or more people exhibit canine allergies. If you or another dog lover in your family has a dog allergy, talk to an expert about hypoallergenic breeds.


Many dogs have exceptional needs when it comes to activity, others are happy to lounge about all day, every day. Consider how breeds you find attractive line up with your lifestyle. Choosing the right breed for your lifestyle will ensure a great relationship with your new dog for years to come.

Adopt a Shelter Dog

October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! There are so many reasons to adopt a dog from a shelter; we give you six important ones. Be a lifesaver! Adopt from an animal shelter.
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