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How To Detect And Prevent Heatstroke In Pets (For Dogs, Cats, Birds, Rabbits And Even Bearded Dragons)

August can be the hottest month in the Willamette Valley. This year is looking to bring us just that. The biggest cause for concern in August is heatstroke, the technical term is hyperthermia. There is a lot of information on the prevention and detection of heatstroke in dogs, cats, and birds, but we wanted to […]

What is Happening in Your Pet’s Brain When They See You

First, any pet owner knows that your furry (or feathered) family member recognizes you and the rest of the household. There is, however, some difference as to how your pet may greet you when you first come home. If you are a cat owner, you may get different shades of aloofness. Birds can be the […]

Caring For Your New Bird

Congratulations on your new feathery family members. Learning to care for your new bird can be a fun bonding experience for your whole family, teaching smaller children responsibility, patience, and unconditional pet-love. First things first, depending on the breed you have adopted, there are several variables to be considered. hopp Your bird’s habitat must be […]

Acclimating Your New Pet Bird

Congratulations to you on the new addition to your family. A bird companion can bring endless joy to your home, from their sweet morning songs to their pleasant afternoon chatter to their shoulder perching, neck nuzzling affection, birds make excellent pets. Acclimating your new pet bird to your home and family takes a bit of […]

Bird Breeds That Flourish With Families

There are so many bird breeds that make great companions. Parrots with their finite conversational skills, lovebirds with their softly tinkling harmonies, finches with their melodic chatter or even a feathery coop full of sassy chickens, all these breeds make great domestic pets. When considering adopting a new pet bird (or birds) there a few […]

How Do I Protect My Birds from the Heat?

Birds don’t have sweat glands. They actually pant like dogs and also let air flow under their wings to cool the main arteries. Panting is the beginning sign that your bird might be overheating; more severe signs of overheating are the rabid vibrations of the muscles and bones in the front of the neck. If […]

How To Move When You Have Pets

Are you moving sometime soon? Moving is a big deal. Packing up your entire life into a few boxes is never easy, and when you have to do it when you have pets only complicates things. Having to deal with both your pets and moving your home can be a stressful event. Here are a […]

Tips for Taking Care of and Interacting with Your Bird

Just like other pets, birds have unique behaviors and personalities. Your bird will react to his environment and interactions with other birds, pets, or humans in his own unique way. In order to encourage the proper types of behaviors in your bird, consider the following tips for training and interacting with your bird: Everything we […]

10 Tips for Bird Owners

Birds, especially parrots, are long-lived animals that can offer companionship and company for decades. Due to their high intelligence and mimicking behavior, the bond that people have with their birds is a special one. If you are a bird owner, here at 10 tips for keeping your bird healthy: Tips for Birds Keeping your Bird […]