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Keep Your Pet Hydrated This Summer

Gresham Animal Provides Top-Notch Care For Gresham Pets  Any long-time pet owner will tell you that a pet isn’t just a per – they’re family, and they deserve the best that can be provided to them. That’s why Gresham Animal Hospital is dedicated to offering top-notch professional veterinary services in Gresham! Gresham pet owners can trust that when they bring their pets to Gresham […]

How To Help Your Anxious Dog

Gresham Animal Provides Caring Veterinary Services In Gresham  Do you live in the Gresham area? Are you a pet owner who wants to ensure their furry family member receives the best in veterinary care? Then trust Gresham Animal Hospital. The team at Gresham Animal Hospital offers high-quality veterinary services for the people of Gresham. At Gresham Animal Hospital, we treat each animal […]

How Often Should My Pet Have A Vet Check-Up?

Gresham Animal Hospital Offers Top-Notch Care For Your Pet  The Gresham Animal Hospital team understands that our Gresham clients consider their furry friends to be part of their families. Naturally, you want to seek out high-quality care for your pets. Gresham Animal Hospital is dedicated to providing Gresham families with the professional veterinary services they deserve. Your pet deserves a team that offers individualized […]

Summer Comfort Tips For Elderly Dogs

  While we pet parents may be equipped to handle rising summer temps, the same cannot be said for many of our aging pets. We must pay special attention to the need of our elderly pets, and in the summertime, they often need even more thoughtful accommodations. These few tips will help you keep your […]

Cold Weather Care For Elderly Pets

Our elderly pets require very specific care. As the weather grows colder, elderly pets can experience issues with mobility caused by aching joints which will require their parents to adjust care to accommodate their needs and soothe their pain. Use these few tips to help your older pet remain comfortable during the chilly winter months […]

Caring For Elderly Dogs

Whether you’ve been together since you were both pups or you met somewhere later down the line, you and your dog are family. Caring for your dog into their old age is a sacred commitment every pet parent gets to make, and as your pets grow older, tending to them becomes a priority. Nutritional Supplements […]

4 Tips For Your Aging Pets

Your pet is an important part of your life, but just like us our pets do get old. You can help your pet age gracefully by following these 4 tips. 1. Regular health check: Absolutely essential for your ageing friend. Much can change over a year (equivalent to 6-8 years in human years) and a check […]

Senior Dog Care Guidelines and Tips

As your dog ages, you’ll notice many changes in the appearance and behavior of your pet. While most of this is completely normal, it is important to monitor your dog to make sure that they are still healthy and eating well in their old age. If you are a senior dog owner, find out senior […]