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Dental Care For Your Pets!

Just like you, dogs need to take care of their teeth. Unlike you, they don’t have opposable thumbs to do it! That means they need extra help to keep their oral hygiene up! You can do it yourself or come into Gresham Animal Hospital and let us do it for you. The Need for Dental Care […]

How To Keep Your Dogs Teeth Clean

Dental care is just as important for your pets as it is for humans. Brushing your dog’s teeth may seem kinda tricky but necessary to avoid dental health problems and oral complications. Here are a few tips from veterinarians to help you keep your pets teeth fresh and clean. Avoid any human products, especially ones with […]

10 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Senior Cat

If you have a senior-aged cat at home, there are a few extra steps as a pet owner to take in order to make sure that your senior cat stays in good health. To keep your senior cat happy and healthy, here are 10 tips for caring for a senior cat: Schedule veterinarian checkups at […]

3-Step Guide for Brushing Your Dog's Teeth

It’s the last day of February! With this month being National Pet Dental Health Month, we wanted to reflect on the importance of maintaining dental care for your pet. Here is an easy 3-step guide for assessing the health of your dog’s teeth at home: 1: Flip — Flip your dog’s lip up every day […]

Dental Care Services

Just like humans, pets need regular dental care. Having healthy teeth is especially important for dogs and cats because of how frequently they use their teeth. The Need for Dental Care ‘Dog’ and ‘Cat’ breath are not normal. It is often a sign of gum or tooth disease. When was the last time you tried […]

Dental Care At Gresham Animal Hospital

While most of us have regular dental appointments for ourselves, we often overlook the dental health of our pets. It is important our pets have healthy teeth to maintain a pain-free life, eat without pain, and maintain a healthy weight. The Need For Dental Care ‘Dog’ and ‘Cat’ breath are not normal. It is often […]

New Year's Resolution #5: Oral Hygiene

With the new year comes new goals for almost everyone. While you might be drafting a list of resolutions for yourself, consider including your pet on your list to make this their best year yet as well! Practice Good Oral Hygiene Habits With Your Pet Daily toothbrushing is the best way to keep tartar and […]