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Happy Service Dog Awareness Month 

Gresham Animal Provides Top-Notch Care For Your Pets In Gresham  Gresham locals – do you have a cat, dog, or other beloved pet that you want to make sure receives the best in veterinary services? Then turn to Gresham Animal Hospital for all your veterinary needs. Our team is dedicated to keeping Gresham pets happy and healthy. Pet lovers in […]

How To Help Your Anxious Dog

Gresham Animal Provides Caring Veterinary Services In Gresham  Do you live in the Gresham area? Are you a pet owner who wants to ensure their furry family member receives the best in veterinary care? Then trust Gresham Animal Hospital. The team at Gresham Animal Hospital offers high-quality veterinary services for the people of Gresham. At Gresham Animal Hospital, we treat each animal […]

How To Help Your Dog Stay Fit

Gresham Animal Hospital Cares For Your Pet Like They’re Family  The Gresham Animal Hospital team is proud to be able to serve the people of Gresham by looking after the health of their pets. We know that pet owners think of their pets as important parts of their families, and at Gresham Animal Hospital we treat your pets as such. When […]

3 Simple Ways To Practice Dog Park Etiquette

3 Simple Ways To Practice Dog Park Etiquette Gresham is a dog lover’s town. We’ve got several of Portland’s favorite dog parks housed within our borders, and many of our public parks have leash-free areas designated for supervised canine hullabaloos. We love our dogs, you can see it on their faces as they hang out […]

Quick Tips For Training New Puppies

New pups are a joy! They’re exuberant, adorable balls of unconditional love. Training them early might seem as if you are taking the joyful wind out of their sails a bit early in life, however, getting a head start on house training, leash training, and behavior training will result in a happier pooch in the […]

Essential Training for Camping with Dogs

In an earlier post, we recommended a few commands to train your dog for camping. Here are five basic commands and one essential command you should teach your dog as you prepare for your next camping trip together. Commands for Camping with Dogs Come: Self-explanatory. Whoa: I use this for stop, freeze, don’t move. Useful […]