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How Cold Weather Affects Older Dogs And How To Keep Them Comfortable This Holiday Season

As our canine companions age, they are more likely to suffer the effects of a cold winter. When temperatures dip and frosty, foggy mornings become the norm, keeping your older dog comfortable and fit can become a challenge. Consider these few tips to help keep your dog happy and healthy through the best and the […]

Keeping Pets Safe From Poisoning This Halloween

On that one annual day when candy floods the streets and chocolate seemingly falls from the sky, it’s important to keep our precocious pups and companionable felines safe from the possibility of chocolate poisoning. Let these tips help your family keep your pets safe during this and every Halloween. Pet Curfew Halloween night should be […]

Caring For Elderly Dogs

Whether you’ve been together since you were both pups or you met somewhere later down the line, you and your dog are family. Caring for your dog into their old age is a sacred commitment every pet parent gets to make, and as your pets grow older, tending to them becomes a priority. Nutritional Supplements […]

Safe Hot Weather Activities for You and Your Dog

If your high energy dog can not be convinced that it is simply too hot outside for outdoor adventures, you’re not alone. Keeping a large breed built for reckless running, jumping, and exploring confined to a house day in and day out simply because the weather is disagreeable isn’t something your brooding pooch is going […]

Tips To Help Keep Your Pups Hydrated in Peak Summer Weather

As temperatures reach triple digits in the Pacific Northwest, pet owners must remain aware of their pet’s water intake. Extreme heat can bring out all manner of undesirable and worrisome behavior in our pets, but staying on top of your pup’s hydration can curb many ailments that can affect our faithful companions. Water Bowl The […]

Safely Keeping Your Pup Active During a Hot Summer

During the hotter summer months, pet owners may be more than satisfied spending their days lazing with the AC on high, but canine companions typically need a bit more activity. When sidewalks are hot enough to burn bare paws, and penetrating heat carries a nagging threat of sunstroke, a pet parent may find themselves asking, […]

Can Dogs Get Heatstroke?

A dog’s fur is great for keeping them warm, but it can be problematic for some during the hot weather. Dogs regulate their heat by panting, but this is a limited way to control temperature. It doesn’t actively make them cooler, it removes heat from inside the body. If a dog’s temperature rises beyond his […]

How Do I Keep My Dogs Cool in Hot Weather?

When dogs get hot they can’t cool themselves down like humans do. Human sweat to cool down; dogs have a very small set of sweat glands (mostly in their paws). In fact, instead of cooling down, the way they regulate temperature is to get rid of heat by panting.  This creates excessive drool and loss […]

How Do I Find Dog Friendly Camping Sites?

  Camping is a fantastically fun thing to do with your dogs! With summer here the warm weather is upon us, so bring out the tents! If you are going to bring your dog with you, make sure to follow these important steps to keep your dog’s experience as relaxing and stress-free as it is […]