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Take A Walk With Your Pet 

Gresham Families Trust The Gresham Animal Hospital Team  Here at Gresham Animal Hospital, we understand how important your pet is to you. Gresham families view their pets not just as pets, but as full-fledged members of the family – and wouldn’t you want the best possible care for your family when they need it? The […]

How To Help Your Dog Stay Fit

Gresham Animal Hospital Cares For Your Pet Like They’re Family  The Gresham Animal Hospital team is proud to be able to serve the people of Gresham by looking after the health of their pets. We know that pet owners think of their pets as important parts of their families, and at Gresham Animal Hospital we treat your pets as such. When […]

3 Simple Ways To Practice Dog Park Etiquette

3 Simple Ways To Practice Dog Park Etiquette Gresham is a dog lover’s town. We’ve got several of Portland’s favorite dog parks housed within our borders, and many of our public parks have leash-free areas designated for supervised canine hullabaloos. We love our dogs, you can see it on their faces as they hang out […]