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National Pet Immunization Awareness Month 

Gresham Animal Provides Keeps Your Pets Happy And Healthy  Much like people, pets need to have regular medical care and check-ups to keep them in top-notch health. Here at Gresham Animal Hospital, we know how much Gresham locals value keeping their furry family members healthy and happy. We are proud to dedicate ourselves to offering only the best […]

The Perks Of Pests — Why Rats Make Such Good Pets

For many, rats are perfect pets. Their cunning, charismatic and affectionate nature makes them ideal companions for those with limited space or an aversion to larger pets. In the Pacific Northwest, rats are also a common pest, and for many, it can be hard to reconcile the wild rat’s penchant for nuisance with the domesticated […]

Bringing A New Cat Home

Will you have a feline addition to your family soon? You have many years of great companionship ahead, but there are a few things to consider when introducing your new cat to your home and family. Be Prepared Before bringing your new furball home, outfit your home with all the supplies you could possibly need. Also brush […]