Caring For Your New Rabbit

Gresham Animal Hospital_Caring For Your New Rabbit
Welcoming a rabbit to a new home takes some time and effort, but can be immensely rewarding. Rabbits are lovable, easy-going animals that typically get along great with other domestic pets and even better with small children. Bringing a rabbit into your family home can be incredibly enriching, so taking the time to make sure both your family and your new rabbit acclimate is imperative. These tips will help you ensure a seamless family/rabbit integration:
Set up an indoor hutch for your new pet. Rabbits can thrive in open (bunny-proofed) rooms but will appreciate an area to nest. Make sure the cage/hutch/enclosure is big enough for bunny to hop around.
Bunny-proof your home. Rabbits have a tendency to chew, so make sure you have properly insulated and/or hidden any hanging cords or wires, protected your baseboards and furniture, and removed any houseplants from the rabbit’s reach. Rabbits really do love to chew, so keep valuables (including beloved shoes/books/bags etc.) off of the floor.
Always have fresh hay, fresh greens, fiber pellets and fresh water. A rabbit isn’t picky about what they eat, but they eat a lot. Don’t get caught without a full smorgasbord or you risk that hungry bunny chewing on your house instead.
Set up a litter box and show your new bunny where it is located. Pro tip — rabbits like to eat hay and poop at the same time, so setting up waste areas near food areas is encouraged.

For more tips on introducing new pets into your home visit Gresham Animal Hospital’s website.

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