Caring For Your New Bird

Gresham Animal Hospital_Caring For Your New Bird
Congratulations on your new feathery family members. Learning to care for your new bird can be a fun bonding experience for your whole family, teaching smaller children responsibility, patience, and unconditional pet-love. First things first, depending on the breed you have adopted, there are several variables to be considered. hopp
Your bird’s habitat must be a primary concern — plan your bird’s cage based on your bird’s space needs, rather than the details of your home. Keep your bird’s home in a common room of your house so they get lots of human interaction.
Teach your bird the “step up” command just as you would teach a dog to “sit” or “stay.” This will take some time but will make your bird easy to handle by the whole family
Each species of bird has specific dietary needs. There is no one-size-fits-all bird feed. Research the detailed food requirements of your specific bird breed so you can ensure good health.
Just as knowing what your bird benefits from the most food-wise, it’s just as important to know what your bird should not be eating. Learn what type of snacks and treats are best for your bird’s breed so everyone in the family can confidently give the bird a treat every now and again.
Choose a veterinarian with a special interest in birds. Your vet will be your link to knowing just how well your bird is thriving.
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