Bringing Home A New Ferret

Gresham Animal Hospital_Bringing Home A New Ferret
Introducing a pet as clever and cunning as a ferret to your home can be a tricky proposition indeed. Ferrets have unique needs that stand apart from their mammalian house pet counterparts. Generally satisfied with a life of leisure, special considerations must be taken to ensure your ferret acclimates seamlessly into their new home.
Ferrets require cages significantly larger than a typical crate. They should contain multiple levels so that your ferret can play and climb, with enough space for them to comfortably bed down. The smallest crate you should consider should be at least 24 x 24 x 41.5 inches (61 x 61 x 105 cm) per ferret.
Ferrets love textiles for bedding. Avoid wood shavings and opt instead for a few old t-shirts or carpet samples. Cage carpets are also available at most pet stores.
Your ferret’s litter box should be filled with shredded paper and placed in a corner of their cage. Ferrets require special, smaller litter boxes that can be found in most pet shops.
Water can be provided via cage-mounted water bottles and food served in a small dish, placed within their cage at mealtimes.
Ferrets love to rearrange their quarters, so give them decorating options like sleeping tubes, plush fabrics, and a variety of toys so that they can make their spaces their own.
For more tips on acclimating new pets, visit Gresham Animal Hospital’s blog.

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