Bird Breeds That Flourish With Families

Gresham Animal Hospital_Bird Breeds That Flourish With Families
There are so many bird breeds that make great companions. Parrots with their finite conversational skills, lovebirds with their softly tinkling harmonies, finches with their melodic chatter or even a feathery coop full of sassy chickens, all these breeds make great domestic pets. When considering adopting a new pet bird (or birds) there a few key factors to consider, including but not limited to; small children, maintenance and space. To get you started on your path to your new bird friend, consider these three family-friendly (each in their own way) bird breeds.
Canary — These vibrant little songbirds require little human interaction, but when paired with a mate, will fill your home with delicate songs and romantic chatter. Canaries do not require a huge amount of interaction, and should not be handled regularly. These pretty birds are more for watching and appreciating than petting or shoulder perching.
Parakeet — Multicolored and full of personality, parakeets are the multilingual performers that will bond very deeply with your family. They accommodate handling very well and are relatively easy to care for. These birds are great for school-aged children with an interest in bird care.
Cockatiel — These softly cooing, whistling and chattering birds are also great for school children with a particular interest in bird care. They tolerate handling superbly and with dedicated training can learn an assortment of amazing tricks.
When you finally decide on your family’s new feathery addition, bring them first to Gresham Animal Hospital to make sure they are in tip-top health and get our tips for keeping your pet bird healthy.
Choose a veterinarian with a special interest in birds. Your vet will be your link to knowing just how well your bird is thriving. Gresham Animal Hospital, we have been providing loving care to our patients and their owners since 1944. Bring your feathered family member to Gresham Animal Hospital for his next checkup. Call 503.666.1600 to schedule a visit.

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