Avoid Giving Your Dog Table Scraps This Thanksgiving 


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Avoid Feeding Your Dogs Table Scraps This Thanksgiving 

As Thanksgiving approaches and you make ready for your big meal, it’s important to remember that – no matter how pathetic and sweet your dog looks while begging for table scraps – it is best to avoid feeding them scrap altogether. There are plenty of issues that feeding your dog table scraps can cause. 
For one, feeding your dog table scraps can give them digestive issues. Our digestive systems are different from a dog’s, and much of our food is too rich and fatty for them. It can lead to vomiting and diarrhea, or even more serious conditions such as pancreatitis. In fact, some of our foods are outright toxic to dogs. Chocolate, grapes, raisins, onions, almonds, macadamia nuts, and garlic are all toxic to dogs. If you don’t know everything that is in a certain dish you could wind up feeding them something quite dangerous! You should avoid even giving your dog bones from the Thanksgiving meal since cooked bones not only lack in nutrition but also are very brittle and can break and splinter in your dog’s mouth or down along their digestive tract. 
Other undesirable results of feeding your dog table scraps are weight gain and encouraging unwanted behavior. Even small table scraps can lead to weight gain for dogs very quickly! Their bodies are smaller than ours and even a simple slice of cheese can increase their caloric intake by quite a bit. Not to mention, giving your dog food when they beg only encourages that behavior. Instead, feed your dog appropriate dog treats to keep them happy and healthy. 

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