Acclimating Your New Reptile Pets

Gresham Animal Hospital_Acclimating Your New Reptile Pets
Preparing your home and habitat for your new reptile family member is exciting and, potentially a bit stressful. However, if you consider our easy suggestions, acclimating your new reptile friend will be a breeze.

Stay Positive

A positive beginning will set the tone for your reptile friend’s acclimation, so remain efficacious and calm throughout the moving in process. Remain cheerfully composed while introducing your new pet to your home, and you’ll find that your serene attitude will likely be shared by your new pet.

Heed the Three Needs

Give deliberate thought to your new pet’s habitat, paying close attention to these three main factors: temperature, humidity, and water. Each domesticated reptile breed has different needs, so ensure you are fulfilling the needs of your reptile with calculated research and a conversation with your trusted vet.

No Fussing

Make sure your new pet’s home is functional and ready to receive them on their inauguration day as the new house pet. Keeping the fussing and bustling out of the picture on the day you bring your pet home is another way to ensure a smooth transition from pet store or breeder.

Meet the Vet

Once you’ve settled in and everyone is feeling very comfortable with your new situation, consider a visit to your trusted vet to discuss how your new pet has acclimated.
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