Gresham Animal Hospital Behavior Problems

Acclimating Your New Pet Bird

Gresham Animal Hospital Behavior Problems
Congratulations to you on the new addition to your family. A bird companion can bring endless joy to your home, from their sweet morning songs to their pleasant afternoon chatter to their shoulder perching, neck nuzzling affection, birds make excellent pets.
Acclimating your new pet bird to your home and family takes a bit of time and patience, but when done with love and fortitude, can be achieved with moderate ease.
First off, ensure your new bird’s cage is the perfect size for their breed. Research the needs of your breed of bird and make sure to festoon your birds new home with an appropriate feeder, water bottle, perch and assortment of toys.
Place you new bird’s cage in a family or common room that sees a lot of family activity. This will help your new bird become accustomed to everyone’s personalities, and allow your family to get to know the new addition as well. Make sure the cage is window adjacent but out of direct sunlight lest you overheat your new feathered friend. A nice window view can help keep your bird entertained, but keeping the bird in a common family area is crucial, so better not to sacrifice daily human interaction for a charming street or yard view.
Refrain from physical contact until about three days after your bird comes home. This gives your new bird time to get used to his new home. Once your little buddy warms up to you, slowly introduce physical contact in the form of gentle petting or offering your finger or shoulder for a perch.
Your bird’s health is the most important factor in their acclimation, so pay a visit to Gresham Animal Hospital before you bring Tweety home.

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