Acclimating Your New Fish

Gresham Animal Hospital_Acclimating Your New Fish
Bringing home a new fish into an already established tank can be tricky. Fish can become aggressive, stressed or ill when proper steps are not taken to ensure a smooth transition to a new tank. Whether you are a saltwater tank aficionado or a lover of freshwater fish, these steps will help aid you in introducing a new species into your tank.
Firstly, float your new fish in your tank while still in its bag for no less than 15 minutes. Floating the fish while still in the bag allows the water temperatures to slowly match, gently as not to stress your new fish. Make sure the bag is tightly closed and presents no leaks before submerging.
After the initial 15 minutes of floating, cut a small hole in the top of your new fish’s bag and very slowly begin to add water from the tank. Add water every 4 minutes until your bag is completely full. Now pour half of the bag’s water contents into your sink and begin the slow process of adding aquarium water and floating the bag every four minutes until the bag is once again full.
Now, using a small fishnet, transfer your fish from their bag to the tank. Voila, you have successfully acclimated your new fish to its new home!
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