7 Tips For Introducing New Pets To Your Home

Gresham Animal Hospital_7_Tips_For_Introducing_New_Pets_To_Your_Home
We love our pets and sometimes just having one isn’t enough. But introducing your new pet to the old one is an important step to make sure the relationship is friendly. Here are 7 tips for introducing your new pets to the old ones.

  • Introduce pets slowly: Understand that it will take some time for the other animals in your house to get used to the new dog or cat. Don’t bring a pet home and immediately expect everyone to bond.
  • Don’t leave pets unattended: Even if you think the introductions are going well, supervise all interactions.
  • If you have more than one pet living in the home, let them greet the new animal one by one: This prevents the new cat or dog from feeling overwhelmed by the situation.
  • Plan the meeting in a neutral location: You may pick a dog park, a vet’s office, or the animal shelter. This stops resident animals from getting territorial and can ease any tension that might develop.
  • Don’t force the interaction: Let the animals smell each other and approach when they’re comfortable. Dragging them towards one another before they’re ready can cause a negative first meeting.
  • Bring someone else in to help you: Have a friend or family member hold the resident pet, while you hold the newcomer. This provides further control over the meeting.
  • Make sure to stay relaxed: Animals pick up on fear and tension. If they sense that you’re stressed, they’ll become anxious too.

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