5 Tips Pet Owners May Forget When Prepping A Pet For July 4th

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Whether you are hosting a party on the Fourth of July, going to one, or staying in and enjoying the holiday on the couch, you will want to make sure your pet is prepped for the Independence Day celebration and all that it entails. The busiest day of the entire year for local animal shelters is July 5th. More dogs and cats are lost during the 4th of July than any other day. While many pet owners may already have a tried and true method for helping their furry family members cope with all the screaming fireworks that light up the July 4th sky, the most important thing is to ensure the comfort and safety of your pets by keeping them at home and removed from any firework activity.
Here is a quick checklist to help keep your dog and cat safe for the 4th of July.

    ID tags can get worn out, rubbed off or even outdated. Check the ID tag around your pet’s neck and make sure that the info is readable with the correct contact information. Sometimes, as owners, we are so used to seeing the tags, that we don’t often check them to see if they need updating.
    If your pets are not microchipped talk to your vet about microchipping. At Gresham Animal Hospital we offer microchipping for pets in case your pet loses its collar. We recommend Home Again, the leader in microchipping for pets. To date, they have reunited over 2 million pets. It is also an “insurance policy” to prevent your pet from getting adopted away from you—or worse yet euthanized.
    Whichever microchip provider you choose to go with, you will want to verify that your information is correct with them and up to date. If you are not sure who your provider is check with your veterinarian. If you rescued a dog from the Humane Society or had your pet microchipped at Gresham Animal Hospital, you will want to log in to Home Again, the largest microchip provider. Once you log in, you can verify that all your information is correct and even add a photo of your dog or cat. If you need help logging in, you can call toll-free 1-888-466-3242.

If you are not sure of your provider but have your microchip ID, you can use Pet Microchip Lookup.

    This is an important step. If your pet is spooked and wants to find a way out, it will. Make a quick check of all the doors and windows. Even ones you would think your dog or cat would never try to escape through. Also, check your screens and make sure they are intact and can’t be pushed through.
    Once the fireworks start there is no going back until they end. Make sure you have all your dogs and cats inside before dusk. Most fireworks start before it gets completely dark.
    The more active your dog or cat is before the fireworks, the more likely he or she will stay calm for the rest of the evening. If your dog is already used to daily walks, take an extra lap or two. If your cat is a busy body pull out that laser pointer and really tucker him out.

We know you love your pets and we hope this list provides a few reminders that you might have overlooked. It doesn’t hurt to double-check these important safety tips again before all the action starts so that your pet stays calm and comfortable throughout the night. Then make it a tradition to revisit this checklist on an annual basis and check items off prior to your 4th of July celebration.
Letting the team at Gresham Animal Hospital care for your pets is one of the best things you can do for their health. Our team is skilled, professional, and willing to work with your pets’ specific needs to ensure a quality experience is had by both pets and pet parents alike. Keep Gresham Animal Hospital in mind next time your dog or cat needs a checkup, shots, or vaccines. Give us a call at 503.666.1600 to schedule an appointment today.

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