5 Portland/Gresham Area Parks and Trails Your Dog Will Love

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As the weather cools and our pups long for some substantial outdoor activities, it’s great to have a few dependable parks and trails to rely on for good, safe fun. The inviting neighborhoods throughout Portland and Gresham are known for their gorgeous green spaces, towering tree-filled parks, and rigorous trails that all offer spectacular views for you and essential exercise for your pup. Finding the best ones near your home, school or work can be a fun adventure for you and your canine companion. Here are five parks and trails in the Portland/Gresham area that your dog will love any time of year.
Thousand Acres — Also known as Sandy River Delta Park, Thousand Acres is considered less a city park and more an off-leash hiking trail. Expect a trail leading to a lazy river, a wild abundance of plant life, and plenty of swampland nearby; pretty much every dog’s Shangri-la.

Butler Creek Park — Butler Creek is a lovely neighborhood park that offers a wetland area with diverse wildlife and plenty of opportunities for off leash play. This park is great for the whole family as well.
Mt Tabor Park — What better way to spend a late summer evening than sitting beside your pup, watching the sun lazily ebb behind the west hills from the top of a dormant, mid-city volcano?
East Holladay Park — This neighborhood park has a nice wide trail that encompasses the surrounding recreational areas and makes for a pleasant stroll with your dog.
Fernhill Park — Fernhill Park has a large designated off-leash area, but is generally dog-friendly throughout. It’s rolling, grassy hills are great for exercising the little legs of smaller dogs.
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